Who is eligible to play for the FLITE team?
All current graduating years 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022.

How many players and teams are selected?
Only 7-9 players per team are selected and we base the number of teams on the number of players who attend the tryout per grade that will benefit from playing at this level.

Do you have different age divisions?
Usually, yes. We base the number of teams and division of teams upon tryout turnout and talent at each given age/grade level.

What if I can only make a few of the tournaments?
The more tournaments you commit to, the greater the chance you have of making and continuing on with FLITE.

Can I play for other traveling teams in tournaments in which FLITE is not entered?
Yes, but only when FLITE does not have a tournament on the same dates. In other words, if there are two different tournaments held on the same weekend, FLITE players must play with FLITE, in the FLITE tournament.

When and where do we practice?
Practices will be held at local universities BSU, NNU, Homecourt YMCA, or local high school gyms.

When are tryouts?
Tryouts for upcoming seasons will be posted on the home page of this website once we have solidified dates, times, and locations.

What is the criteria/cost of tryouts?
There is no cost for the tryouts. Only criteria is that all candidates must show up to the tryouts with a parent or guardian for registration, have a ball, reversible jersey, and positive attitude.

What are the costs?
Costs depend on season and age.

How long is the season?
Season durations vary by grade level. Some teams may run earlier or later depending on availability of players and coaches. This will be communicated to parents at tryouts so it's clear when the seasons run. Since variables such as school ball and other sports play into these decisions as the kids get into middle school and junior high some grade levels seasons may run a little different than others.

What size balls do the kids use?
Girls – all use Size 28.5.

What camps or clinics do we run and when?

What happens if my daughter doesn't make the team?
Unfortunately, due to lack of gym space, we sometimes don't have the ability to keep all players that try out. If your player doesn't make a team, we do our best to communicate the reasons behind why your player didn't make the team, and what your player needs to do to improve to give him/her a better chance of making the team next year. Please remember that all kids experience growth, maturity, and strength at different times, so please adjust your expectations towards where your player is with his/her classmates.

What if we can't afford the costs?
We will find a way to help. In 17 years of FLITE no player has been turned away do to finances.